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Creator coins are a new type of digital currency that represents a specific brand or business. Just like Bitcoin, they are based on blockchain technology and are impossible to duplicate. However, creator coins are associated with the creator and intended to be used within their community. 

Holding a creator coin is a bit different from holding a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you have a decentralized currency that can be potentially used anywhere. 

Creator coins are typically intended to be used directly to support the creator, such as buying merchandise, courses, or coaching sessions. You can still send creator coins to other people that are set up on the same platform. 

Let’s take a closer look at creator coins and why they might just be the wave of the future.

What’s the Best Creator Coin Platform?

Creator coins are operated through a given platform that connects creators with their community. There are a few different creator coin platforms out there, but Rally is currently the main front runner in this emerging market. 

Anyone interested in owning a coin can set up a free account and start buying creator coins. Some coins, such as Bryan Kramer’s HUMAN coin, have specific promotions that even allow you to earn the coin by completing specific activities.

These coins are tied to the platform that the creator is using. So, you won’t be able to send HUMAN to a wallet outside of Rally. If you’d like to sell your HUMAN coins for another currency, you’ll convert them to RALLY and then sell them. 

How is this Different from Patreon or Substack?

Patreon and Substack are two popular platforms that creators use to monetize their online presence. Substack is a paid newsletter service, while Patreon allows fans to pledge different tiers to receive certain things. 

Both of those platforms are fine, but they are too unidirectional. It treats the creator as someone that a fan is paying for a service. This might be fine for many people, but some creators want a way to engage further and create a deeper community. 

When you buy a creator’s coin, you’re literally owning part of their online presence. Creators can determine how they’d like to use the coin within the community. Bryan Kramer uses his HUMAN coin to offer consulting sessions and social media posts. The only limitation of how they can be used is the creator’s imagination.

Are Creator Coins the Future of Online Communities?

It’s hard to say how online communities will change and evolve as new technologies continue to emerge. However, creator coins and have already established a strong foothold with many creators and could very well transform how people interact with those they like online. 

All we know for now is that creator coins are an exciting new way to engage communities, support creators, and imagine a new way to monetize an online presence.