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Recruiting is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies of all sizes, but this pain is felt constantly by medium to large companies. There’s always a need to replace employees who have quit, plus expand the business in general.

While paying for premium postings on job sites is fine, your business should expand its recruitment options by using targeted video marketing techniques to attract ideal employees.

You see, a job listing can only convey so much. You can write about job responsibilities, requirements and a company bio, but when someone is on a job search, it all blends together.

Enter videos, they’ll help you stand out and motivate ideal candidates to apply. You’ll bring your company to life, highlight your company culture and showcase personal experiences of current employees.

While there are many ways to create a recruitment video, the most effective videos for finding ideal candidates typically revolve around conducting authentic interviews with people who already work for you. 

Start by Identifying the Right Existing Employees to Star in Your Videos

The right employees will make or break your entire video marketing campaign. How do you go about identifying the perfect people to star in your recruiting videos?

You’ll want to ask HR team members and managers in the departments you’re hiring for. Ask both teams for a list of employees that exemplify the ideal candidate you’re looking for. Additionally, the employees on this list should have the right attitude that highlights company culture. The people you select should also show the diversity of your company.

It’s helpful to impart the full vision of these videos to your HR team and managers so that they can suggest the right employees. Tell them that you want to create a truly authentic recruiting video and ask them to find trustworthy employees.

Once you have a list of employees, you’ll need to go through and qualify them. If you know the employee, perfect, you’ll know if they’re a good fit. Otherwise, you’ll need to look at your company’s internal directory to get a feel for them.

 Have a good amount of employees in mind? Perfect, you’re ready to move on to the next step of your recruitment process.

Make Authentic Videos – But How?

With the right employees in line, your next goal is to create videos that people identify with and connect to. One technique for this is to shoot videos that are less-than professional. That’s right – skip the pro film crew and opt for having a small team of in-house people film the videos. You still want quality, so send them the following list of requirements:

  • Film in “landscape”
  • Don’t film in a loud environment, you don’t want too much background noise (but a little is okay)
  • Make sure there’s a 5 second buffer before and after you’re talking on a specific topic so that there is room for editing
  • Don’t have any equipment with proprietary information on it

Make yourself available for a quick call before the shoot begins so that you can answer any questions that might come up. Even though recording in the question and answer format is not difficult, people are often nervous and talking to you will likely ease their nerves.

Ask the Right Questions in Your Videos

You’ve got the right employees picked out and they each have their own recording team. Perfect. Now for the real meat and potatoes of the entire operation – what should they talk about?

They each need to answer the same questions. Then, you can edit their answers to play one after another after showing the audience the question. Line up another employer to ask the questions, or simply have one person ask the questions to themselves with just a mic, then use that audio before playing the answers.

Here’s a few examples of questions you can use in your videos:

  • Why did you apply for a job with us? Why did you accept?
  • What keeps you motivated to continue working here?
  • What’s your favorite memory with our company?
  • How has our company supported you in the past (beyond a salary)?
  • What do you enjoy about our company culture? What about the specific culture of your department (or location)?

When you combine the answers of several employees together in the resulting video, it will portray an excellent idea of what it’s like to work for you.

Notice how the questions are phrased in a neutral way? You want to avoid asking loaded questions, such as “why do you love working here?”. That can be off putting to potential candidates. Instead, keep the questions neutral to showcase the real, authentic experiences of your employees.

Hire a Professional Video Editor

Unless video editing is the core of your business, skip doing it in house. Yes, modern video editing software is not that hard to use. However, that doesn’t mean Jim from Accounting has the right eye for editing that you’ll need. No offense, Jim.

Instead, work with a professional video editor. Provide all your footage, and explain your vision (an authentic recruiting video that highlights company culture and real experiences). Any video editor worth your money will watch all the footage and decide how to best portray your message.

Not only will they artistically edit the existing footage, they’ll add numerous touches that create a professional look and feel on the resulting video.

Depending on how many employees you’re working with, you might want to ask the editor to create a few different videos. This way, you’ll have different options to showcase on different platforms and environments.

Where Should You Use These Videos?

Congratulations! You now have one or more videos that showcase what it’s like to work for you. What’s next? It’s time to post them strategically around the Internet to help attract the right person.

You can use these videos in a variety of places to help spread your message. Here are a few ideas worth exploring:

  • Job fairs. Setup a tablet or even a TV that shows the employee testimonial videos that you’ve created. If you have a decent sized booth, a TV against the back wall showing your video on loop will help draw people in. These videos will help you connect more with people interested in your company, paving the way for a new lead.
  • Social media. I know it and you know it; everyone is on social media these days. This includes job seekers. Post your videos on every platform along with a short message saying that you’re hiring. Use relevant hash tags (for platforms that use them) to spread your message even further. Don’t rely on a single post – you should post these videos somewhat often to get the word out.
  • Add videos to your in-house career site. If your company has a section of your website that lists existing job openings, this is the perfect location for your new videos. Posting them on the main career landing page so that they help make a great first impression.
  • Use them in job postings.  In addition to what you’re already doing with your job posting, add videos to the listing. Directly embedding may be possible depending on the site you’re using. If not, you can still link to a YouTube video.

Want to take it a step further? You can run paid ads that promote your video on YouTube. You’ll want to make sure that you use relevant keywords so that you’re only paying for traffic of people searching for job information on YouTube. This step if far from required, but it’s something to consider.

Watch the Candidates Roll In

You’ve put in the work; now reap the rewards. Over time, you’ll notice that more people are applying. Not only that, but they’re quality applicants. Now it’s all on you – make sure to communicate effectively, set convenient interview times and be responsive if they ask any questions.

Just like all marketing techniques, you need to track specific metrics to be able to tell if the campaign is successful. I would suggest tracking how many people apply to specific listings. You should also track where they applied.

You’ll likely notice an increase in visits to your job postings, along with an increase in applications received.

Now you’re ready to grow your company and fill any vacancies. Remember, you can use these new videos forever, unless there’s meaningful changes. They’re truly evergreen and will attract countless employees.