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In This Episode:

  • The vulnerable way Damien and JennyQ first met
  • Growing up as a black boy in 1980’s Arizona
  • Turning harsh words from an elementary school teacher into a powerful motivator
  • The importance of having a strong army around you 
  • Being unapologetic for being who he is
  • One of Damien’s most impactful ‘being seen’ moments

Quotations From This Episode:

“There’s nothing more important than how we love.” ~JennyQ

“I’m gonna live to my, you know, highest potential, right? Do all the things that people say that I can’t do.” ~Damien Rufus

“I didn’t have to be the best, but had to put forth my best effort.: ~Damien Rufus

“I just took it as… a growth mechanism, as a challenge mechanism.” ~Damien Rufus

“That’s the power of being seen. We can offer that to other people.” ~JennyQ

“We just need to pause and see people and offer what we can.” ~JennyQ

“I’m just not conforming to your way of how you see me in this world that we live in.” ~Damien Rufus

“Take the time to make the right choice for you. But just make sure it’s a positive choice.” ~Damien Rufus


The entrepreneurial hustler behind Digital Systems LLC and Systemizely LLC, Damien Rufus is one of the most sought-after and trusted digital strategists in the world of Online Marketing. A driven entrepreneur by every sense of the term, Damien has co-founded numerous profitable brands, including Video Valet, Proven Marketing Campaigns LLC, The Automated Seller, and Hustle + Soul. From local services business to Fortune 500 companies, he has extensively developed brands in a variety of industries for both himself and his clients.



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