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Entrepreneurship is for everyone, especially women. As a female entrepreneur myself, I know the challenges and struggles that accompany taking on the business world as a woman. While these challenges can be difficult and intimidating, you can absolutely overcome them. One of the reasons why I love coaching female entrepreneurs is that it enables me to help other women achieve their dreams.

The world of entrepreneurship and business overall has changed in recent years, which is evident by the 114% increase in female opportunities over the past 20 years. Additionally, there were approximately 1,821 new businesses being started every day by women in 2020. Simply put, there has never been a better time for a woman to start a business.

Today I’m going to share my three success tips for female entrepreneurs who wish to take their business to the next level. These tips are designed to be all-encompassing, allowing women from all industries, niches, and specialties to benefit from the advice. Let’s get going!

Tip #1: Always Be Authentic

Authenticity is your best business asset, whether you’re a big online store or a public speaker. People are inherently drawn to authenticity due to its ability to build trust. Trust is vital for a business to grow, whether that’s trust between the business and the public, or trust between businesses. 

There are a few different strategies that you can explore to showcase your authenticity. Some time tested methods are:

  • Share your story: There’s something unique and captivating about your story – find it. Even if it’s gritty and raw, sharing it will show your dedication to showing your flaws. Stories of women overcoming adversity to create a successful business are widely appreciated and will help draw people into your brand’s narrative.
  • Keep your marketing accurate: How many bad reviews have you seen around the Internet from customers who were promised one thing, but were delivered another? Your marketing must accurately reflect your business operations, especially in regards to the service or products you provide.
  • Find your mission and stick to it: Every company in existence will benefit from creating a mission statement, letting it be known, and never straying from it. Even ubiquitous businesses can distinguish themselves from the competition by showing dedication to their mission statement. 

As someone who got their start with livestreaming, authenticity has been my secret weapon (that I always share). Showing up authentically on a livestream helps keep viewers around and engages them to participate. I’ve carried that lesson with me into other aspects of my career and it’s never led me astray. 

Tip #2: Embrace Positive Thinking

Positive thinking will help countless aspects of your entire life. From increasing your heart health to providing mental clarity, embracing a positive perspective can greatly improve your life. When it comes to the business world, choosing positivity will lead to creating a better work environment for employees and better relationships with clients. 

Sure, thinking positively sounds nice, but how can you actually change your outlook? Of course, I’m always a big fan of professional counseling to help you dive deep. In the meantime, some actionable steps you take to embrace positivity are:

  • Smile more: The easiest way to start shifting your attitude is to smile more often, even if it’s fake. Smiling reduces your blood pressure in stressful situations. This means that in the world of business, you will be well equipped to tackle difficult decisions with a smile. John Hopkins Medicine actually recommends watching funny YouTube videos at work if you’re having a hard time.
  • Practice reframing: Reframing is a massively important concept that can do wonders for embracing your positive side. Reframing is taking a situation that may make you frustrated and looking at it another way. For example, instead of being mad about traffic, appreciate that you own a car and now have a few more minutes to listen to a podcast
  • Cultivate resiliency: You can think of resiliency as your ability to adapt to stressful situations. Accepting that change happens, maintaining good relationships, and taking action to solve problems can all create resilience. 

Positive thinking may not be a big topic in business schools, but you won’t believe how much it has helped me throughout my entire career. It’s helped me deal with difficult challenges and situations by cultivating the framing skills to always see the positive outcome in a situation (or at least put the negative parts in a broader perspective). It’s why authenticity is always one of the first things I focus on when working with a new coaching client.

Tip #3: Never Stop Learning

Those who have known me for a while are well aware that I got my start by absolutely obsessing over Twitter. I was captivated by how people were able to meaningfully connect within 140 characters (the limit at the time). It led me to learn more about social media overall, especially how to use it to make positive connections with people. This eventually led to me starting a social media marketing company to help businesses show up properly online. 

My learning journey didn’t stop there. Once livestreaming hit the scene, I was quick to adopt it. It rapidly became the birth of “The Daily Q Show”, which was a 100% live talk show where I interviewed various people who demonstrated excellence in their field. Pulling this off meant rapidly learning about all the tech required for an interview, on top of learning the art of actually conducting a solid and compelling interview. Throughout the many years and seasons of my livestreaming show (including when it went by “The JennyQ Show – Facebook Live’s First Variety Show”), I continually strived to learn as much as I could about the tech and interview skills needed to produce a high-quality show. Throughout all of this, I also learned how to become an event speaker, coordinate marketing campaigns, and start a well-reviewed podcast. 

The point of explaining my journey is not to brag, but to directly showcase how my continual curiosity and drive to learn new things have helped advance my career. I am direct evidence that continuous learning will help grow your career in countless ways, some you’ll be able to plan for, and others that will catch you by surprise. 

How can you apply this tip? Right now, think of something that you’ve always wanted to learn how to do. I bet just by reading that sentence, something came to mind. Assuming what came to mind isn’t dangerous or illegal, take actional steps towards learning it. Make a list of what steps are required to start learning, such as buying the right supplies, and then get started. 

Don’t worry if what you want to learn isn’t directly related to your current (or future) business. I didn’t know obsessing over Twitter would launch an entire career. Your goal right now is to cultivate the love of learning, along with experiencing the thrill of getting better at it. Keep learning, keep growing, and you’ll be surprised how this will directly impact your career. 

You Can Absolute Become a Successful Female Entrepreneur

Women face unique challenges in the business world that other entrepreneurs simply do not encounter. Don’t let the presence of these challenges prevent you from becoming the successful female entrepreneur that you know you can become. Each of the above tips is drawn from own experience and intended to help women succeed in their businesses.

Do you want more specific guidance to help you reach your business goals? My coaching services for female entrepreneurs are focused on helping women reach new heights with their businesses and careers. Reach out to me today to see how I can help you reach your next level.