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Keynote speakers are essential in bringing a powerful message to a given event. The right keynote speaker will exemplify the overall message of the conference and help create a lasting impact upon participants. Now, your business requires a virtual keynote speaker.

COVID-19 completely changed the landscape of conventions and conferences. Suddenly, the entire industry was at a stand-still. As industries and businesses started adjusting to the pandemic, changes were necessary. Events and conferences went remote, giving birth to the virtual keynote speaker.

A virtual keynote speaker accomplishes the same goals as a traditional keynote speaker – they’re just at their office. However, it can be challenging to find a keynote speaker to truly motivate and inspire your attendees. Many keynote speakers often rely on feeding off of the audience’s energy to deliver a powerful speech, but that’s not possible anymore.

How can you find the right virtual speaker to bring the right motivational energy to your remote event? Today, we’re going to dive into how you can find the perfect motivational speaker to remotely deliver your keynote speech.

What to Look for in a Virtual Keynote Speaker

You need a motivational keynote speaker that can virtually attend your conference, but where do you start? 

Many of the old ways of finding a keynote speaker might not work as you would hope. Not every speaker is willing to work remotely, and many have struggled to adjust. You can still use speaker directories, social media, and your personal network to locate individual speakers, but you must now evaluate them differently. 

An effective virtual keynote speaker will have the following characteristics:

  • Integrates interactive tools effectively: There are plenty of interactive tools to explore that can enhance a keynote address, such as polling and breakout rooms. Your task is to find a virtual keynote speaker who knows how to use these tools to enhance their message and engage your audience. 
  • Expertly uses other media: Traditional keynote speakers typically include a multimedia element with their speeches; so should virtual keynote speakers. Look for tech-savvy keynote speakers that can prove they’re able to use relevant forms of media within their presentations. If a speaker has a history of live streaming, chances are they won’t struggle with this.
  • Adjust to the platform: Has the speaker been able to adjust to giving virtual speeches? Or are they just taking their same routine and doing it on Zoom? A quality virtual speaker has altered their speaking style to fit a virtual environment. 

Ask any potential keynote speakers if they’ve attended a virtual event. If they have, ask how they adjusted their methods for the new environment. Does their answer indicate that they’ve truly embraced remote speaking?

Your Event Deserve a Powerful Virtual Speaker

Your event shouldn’t have to compromise on speaker quality for your remote event. Take the time to investigate any keynote speakers that interest you and reach out. Ask how they’ve adjusted, and see if they have any demos of a virtual speech. With time, you can absolutely find an ideal virtual keynote speaker.

JennyQ is an experienced keynote speaker that has performed at live and virtual events. Additionally, she has directly applicable experience with live streaming that taught her how to deliver powerful messages remotely. Contact JennyQ today to see how she can value to your remote event.