JennyQ has owned and operated a digital marketing company since 2007. She, along with her team, have helped hundreds of professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners claim their presence online with all aspects of marketing. Websites, video, social media and livesteaming is just a start! See below for ways you can work with JennyQ and her team!

Coaching: VIP Private 1-on-1

There is no line between personal development & professional growth. You do one ~ You do both.

With one-on-one remote transformational coaching, JennyQ works with clients to end the “yo-yo of stuckness”™ by making mindset shifts in all areas of life and business.

Work With JennyQ!

Outsourced CMO

CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER without the commitment of a full-time hire.

As your Outsourced CMO I work closely with you and your team to create your overall marketing strategy. This includes all aspects of marketing:

  • Digital / Website

  • Video

  • Email

  • SEO

  • Traditional

  • Google/Facebook Ads

Work With JennyQ!

Video & Livestream Consultant

You’ve worked long and hard to develop your expertise and authority. The last thing you want to do is look like you don’t know what you’re doing on video.

JennyQ shortcuts the learning curve and teaches you how to show up with credibility and a strategy to convert clients from the first video.

Whether you choose private coaching or training your entire team, at the end of working together you will have the results and confidence that would normally take years to develop!

Work With JennyQ!


“I am still “high” from our conversation! One of the best coaching calls I’ve ever experienced!  And I’ve had a few.  JennyQ is compassionate, vulnerable and relevant to my needs and gave me actionable recommendations I put into play immediately.  Thank you JennyQ!”

Kathi McCarty, Safety Advocate & Meth Toxins Educator

A critical key project that I had spent many years in the planning stages was frozen in place until Jennifer’s coaching sessions which allowed me to see a totally new perspective which eventually broke the log jam. Her coaching was invaluable in achieving a successful launch of my project.

A good coach can bring the best out in the person they are coaching. A great coach like Bill Walsh  produces winners through a businesslike approach to maximizing the potential of the person they are coaching. Jennifer Quinn is that type of coach.  She can draw out of the person she is coaching stuff that person never knew was there.

Reese Butler, President & Founder,

Jennifer is my first coach and I am ever grateful to her for helping me believe in myself. Her special talent of helping me see the “big picture” has helped me see possibilities that I never thought existed. Her patience and the mode of listening to every word I said was phenomenal and I must say I look forward to interacting with her because every time she will send me away with new insights. I highly recommend everyone who needs to understand their path ahead and purpose to connect with her and let her do her magic for you.

Vivek S Nair, The Thrifty Marketer

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