Leverage Livestreaming To Build Your Brand

In this fresh and instructional guide, Jennifer “JennyQ” Quinn leads you on the exciting journey of internet video livestreaming, and teaches you how to leverage the new technology of live video for your business. Jennifer explains in this book how to avoid classic beginner’s mistakes, and leverage livestreaming like a pro.

With this book, you will be able to confidently answer such questions as:

  • Can I get started with just my smartphone?
  • Which platform should I use: Facebook or something else?
  • What if nobody shows up for my live broadcast?
  • What do I say on my live video?
  • What if I make a mistake?
  • How long should my live videos be?
  • How often should I livestream?
  • Should I use “portrait” or “landscape” orientation?
  • What gear and audio equipment do I need?
  • How do I make money from livestreaming?

In short, Jennifer explains everything you need to know to start livestreaming today with credibility and confidence.

Forward Excerpt:

"If your brand doesn’t pivot towards more video content, your brand could easily fall behind. It makes business sense to implement livestreaming into your digital strategy and as JennyQ highlights - it’s low risk and high reward. After years of intense involvement in livestreaming tech, learn from the best with Jennifer’s years of experience, expertly illustrated with this highly informative and engaging book."

Bryan KramerAuthor, Keynote & TED speaker, and CEO

Amazon Reviews

From Real Readers

"I just downloaded Jennifer's new book and have spent the last 30 minutes reviewing the chapters and content. I'm already loving it! Why? Because the power of livestreaming has has allowed me to take my brand from local to global and in her new book, "Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand: Start, Master, and Monetize Live Video'" Jennifer shows you exactly how to do the same thing. To all my "professional" friends out there, take a close look at Chapter 3. Embrace who you are and share your human side with the world. I promise you that you'll be glad you did. Thank you Jennifer for this powerful tool that will help others experience and enjoy the power of livestreaming! "

Mitch JacksonAmazon Reviewer

"As a romance author, I never really considered live streaming because I didn't see the business application for it. But now I realize it can be an effective tool in my marketing strategy. I especially like the layout of the book - it's easy to read and assimilate the information. Jennifer Quinn does an amazing job of taking the reader through actionable steps. Some technical instructional guides are challenging, but this one has a nice flow to it with stories, examples, and formulas. Now that I see how simple it is to go live, I'm excited to use live videos to spread the word about my books. Thanks, Jennifer Quinn for packing this book full of helpful hints!!!"

Lyz KelleyAmazon Reviewer

"Never thought I'd be excited about the possibility of live streaming, but this book makes it sound completely doable, even for a raging introvert like myself. I think I can do this now, after reading Jennifer's book, and I have high hopes that it will help me market my own products. Engaging and full of personality and encouragement, this book is a must for anyone exploring new marketing techniques. Loved it!"

AnneAmazon Reviewer