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In This Episode:

  • Giving ourselves grace for what we’ve experienced during the pandemic
  • The many different types of intimacy
  • Social media: connection and addiction
  • Harnessing technology so we can get more deep and meaningful connection
  • The lifelong impact of Michelle’s first ‘being seen’ experience
  • Relationship dynamics
  • Seeking out people who are similar to you genetically

Quotations From This Episode:

“No one in our lifespans have ever gone through that [the pandemic] before, and we just have to accept that we did regress a little bit and maybe try to let go of the guilt.” ~Dr. Michelle Drouin

“I believe that lasting transformation begins with self-healing, self-acceptance, self-grace.” ~JennyQ

“Intimacy… it’s highly variable across cultures and across individuals within those cultures.” ~Dr. Michelle Drouin

“Social media has evolved to meet our social needs, if not for our demand, the supply would not exist.” ~Dr. Michelle Drouin

“On social media someone likes our thing, comments on our thing, and we get these little tiny hits of dopamine, and those keep us hooked.” ~Dr. Michelle Drouin

“Sometimes I look at these people bustling back and forth, and I think I want to stop and say to this person, I see you.” ~Dr. Michelle Drouin

“There were so many things that people did along the way that they don’t even realize how much it helped me on my path.” ~Dr. Michelle Drouin

“It’s amazing how similar our human experience is, when we talk ,when we share, when we open up.” ~JennyQ

“Conversation is a key mechanism for getting over a variety of relationship woes.” ~Dr. Michelle Drouin

“I believe that people who are like each other, find each other like drops of oil and a glass of water.” ~Dr. Michelle Drouin


Michelle Drouin, PhD, is a professor of psychology and senior research scientist who conducts research on sexuality, interpersonal relationships, and technology.


Book: Out of Touch How to Survive an Intimacy Famine



Twitter: @DrMDrouin 

Instagram: @dr.michelledrouin

LinkedIn: in/michelledrouin