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In This Episode:

  • The power of sharing a secret
  • Honoring other people’s stories
  • Taking a story of shame and transforming it with art into something transformative
  • How valuable everyday people’s voices are
  • Knowing you’re not alone with your secret
  • What his “Being Seen” moment was
  • What his wife and daughter think of Post Secret
  • Having boundaries
  • Being vulnerable in a controlled way
  • The “Broken Door” story
  • What journaling can spark

Quotations From This Episode:

“We’re all in this together. Even though we might feel alone. We’re not.” ~Frank Warren

“When people share their secrets anonymously, it can give them the courage to share it again with someone else.” ~Frank Warren

“Through intimate sharing, we feel seen.” ~Frank Warren

“The 1st step of coming out with any secret is to admit it to yourself.” ~Frank Warren

“Giving a voice to other people is a shortcut to making an impact on the world.” ~Frank Warren

“It’s not the secret itself that’s burdening us and creating this feeling of isolation. It’s the shame associated with the secret.” ~Frank Warren

“I get it. I see you. I accept you.” ~JennyQ

“There are two kinds of secrets: the ones we hide from others and the ones we hide from ourselves.” ~Frank Warren

“We see the secret was never a wall, it was always a bridge connecting us with others.” ~Frank Warren

“Everyone wants a safe place to share.” ~Frank Warren

“The story you’re telling yourself about the secret is doing more damage than the secret itself.” ~JennyQ


Frank Warren is the most trusted stranger in America. He is the sole creator of The PostSecret Project, a growing collection of over a million artful secrets mailed to his home from around the world. The PostSecret website has become a phenomenon earning over 820 million visits become the world’s largest ad-free blog!

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