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Financial Mentor, Speaker, Author
Video and livestreaming can be very daunting and confusing for people who are in business, but it's absolutely a must. What is great about JennyQ is that she's a trusted expert in this field. She can break it down so it's easy for you to understand. JennyQ takes you through the steps and helps you understand why it's important and how this can be such an impact on your business.


Attorney, Jim Dodson Law, Florida
It’s been interesting to see the transition that's occurred over a short period of time with coaching from Jennifer. First off, she's very to the point. She will tell you, “This is what you need to do. This is the equipment you need to get.” All you need to do is listen to what she says and follow her advice as she prompts you through how to make your livestreams better and more appealing to the listening public. My staff loves to work with her. She's always been available by email. If we have a question or a technical issue, there are those things that are going to come up as you feel your way through this. But we're really evolving. I feel very comfortable with what we're doing. I love it. I couldn't thank Jennifer enough for opening my eyes to this whole world that I was not familiar with and walking me through what we needed to do get up and running while bringing an effective message to the people that I'm trying to reach.


CPA, President, Spark Accounting Solutions
It's been a pleasure working with Jennifer Quinn and I would absolutely recommend working with her if you want to up your marketing game. Because we are not a traditional accounting firm, I love the opportunity that livestreaming has given me to better explain to potential and existing customers what we do. Working with Jennifer one-on-one I’ve gotten really great training and tips about how to do it's easy for you to understand. JennyQ takes you through the steps and helps you understand why it's important and how this can be such an impact on your business.

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Jennifer Quinn (AKA “JennyQ”) is the leading consultant, speaker, host, and author in internet livestreaming. She has conducted over 450 live interviews on internationally known livestreaming shows. Over the years, JennyQ has worked all angles of live video from on-air talent to professional production for big brands. She has helped professionals discover how livestreaming increases their authority, credibility, and top-of-mind awareness with their prospects and clientele. Jennifer was recently ranked by an independent company as the #2 livestreaming expert worldwide. Her book, "Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand" debuted as a #1 Amazon Best Seller in Podcasts & Webcasts.

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