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Your event needs a keynote speaker, period. The right keynote speaker drives home the message of the entire event, whether it’s a corporate event to celebrate a milestone or an industry conference to discuss new innovations. 

Do you need a motivational keynote speaker? Yes, you absolutely do. 

A common mistake that event planners make is thinking that motivational speakers are “fluffy” speakers to help make everyone feel good. In reality, every event needs motivation and inspiration to accomplish its goals. Even virtual events need quality virtual keynote speakers

Today, we’re going to discuss why motivational keynote speakers can be a great fit for any event, then dive into some strategies for finding the right one for you. 

Every Event Needs Motivation and Inspiration

Don’t make the mistake of skipping over keynote speakers who specialize in motivation. Events from all industries will benefit from an element of inspiration. 

Motivational keynote speakers use their unique background, life story, and challenges they’ve overcome to deliver a relatable and inspiring message. A motivational speaker will deliver a speech that blends statistics, their personal story, and actional information to deliver a message that makes an impact. 

Every world-class keynote speaker is also a motivational speaker, even if they don’t spell it out. It’s impossible to deliver a powerful keynote speech without having motivational and inspirational messages. 

Finding the right motivational keynote speaker for your event can be difficult. Let’s dive into some strategies to help find one that works for your event.

Strategies for Finding the Right Motivational Keynote Speaker

Your audience deserves an amazing experience. It all begins by finding the right motivational keynote speaker to set the tone for the entire event. Here’s how you can find the right one for you:

  • Has the skills to set the desired tone: You can’t pick any motivational speaker and expect the same results. Think about the message you want to convey with your event. Look for speakers that have the skills, credibility, and experience to set the right tone with their keynote speech. 
  • Seek speakers with relevant stories: If you’re holding an event to highlight new innovations in renewable energy, you’re going to need a speaker with a relevant story. Using that example, an ideal motivational keynote speaker may have experience with climate activism or other personal attachments to supporting renewable energy. 
  • Communicate your needs: A prospective motivational speaker needs to understand your specific needs before you officially hire them. Directly convey your overall goals for the event along with the tone you’d like them to set. Make sure that the speaker is comfortable with all of your requirements before signing any agreements or paying any fees.

Take plenty of time to find the right speaker for your event. You need a speaker with the experience and insights to deliver an inspiring message – it won’t be as easy as finding other roles. Put in the time and your event will have an excellent speaker.

You Can Find the Perfect Motivational Speaker for Your Event

Delivering a truly motivational speech requires a blend of charisma, industry knowledge, and personal insights. It’s a delicate balance and it will take time to find a speaker that can achieve what you’re after. Keep looking, keep reaching out, and you’ll find someone. 

Are you looking for an experienced motivational speaker for your next event? JennyQ has delivered motivational speeches all around the country with resounding success. Contact JennyQ today to see if she’s the right fit for your next event.