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People from all walks of life are drawn to podcasts for various reasons. Some enjoy learning life lessons while others want to hear exhilarating stories. Listening to podcasts has quickly become an alternative to traditional media and even music that millions of people have embraced. The reason behind the success is the tremendous podcast benefits that people experience when they become frequent listeners.

Today, we are going to go over some of the main reasons why so many people have taken to regularly listening to podcasts for entertainment, news, self-improvement, and much more. Even if you’ve never thought about podcast benefits before, it’s time to see why this new format has become so popular.

1. Stimulate Your Reward Center

Listening to podcasts has the potential to stimulate multiple regions of your brain including your reward center. The type of podcast that you listen to will impact your brain in different ways. For example, listening to a true-crime podcast will quite likely produce an adrenaline rush, while transformation podcasts such as “Being Seen” can produce endorphins that leave you happy and inspired.

Explore different podcasts to see how they make you feel. You might not be able to do a brain scan and see which parts of your brain light up, but you can certainly reflect on how you feel after listening to a new show for a few episodes. Is it making you happy? Relaxed? Inspired? 

2. Support Small Businesses

It might not seem like it, but most podcasts are entire businesses. The show that you’re listening to is the product and streaming it makes you the customer. The host and their team put in hard work to create a quality product (episode) for you, and in turn, they are often paid by sponsors, merchandise sales, or affiliate links.

Additionally, many podcasts are extensions of an online presence with other ways to support the business. For instance, JennyQ’s podcast is focused on helping others find their “being seen” moment. On top of that, she offers a variety of other services such as group coaching and fractional CMO services. 

Every time you listen to a podcast you are supporting a small business even if you don’t pull out your credit card. Streaming, liking, reviewing, and sharing are all social signals that help other people discover the podcast. 

3. Hear Different Opinions and Perspectives

It’s pretty hard these days to escape your own echo chamber. Social media algorithms have mastered the art of showing us what we want to see, which is usually content we already agree with. Even search engines take into account past searches and other personal information to deliver your results.

Even with intentional effort, it can be hard to expose yourself to new opinions and perspectives. Listening to a new podcast is one way to dive into an entirely new world that probably has new ideas that you haven’t yet considered. Stories from those who have overcome adversity may change your mind, while a compelling argument might make you look at an old topic with a new perspective.

4. Zone In and Be Productive

How many tasks in your daily routine require your undivided attention? If you’re like most people, it’s probably not that many. Plenty of things that we have to do throughout the day don’t require our full focus or brainpower and are perfect for podcast listening.

Listening to a podcast will absorb most of your attention while you carry on with other tasks. House cleaning, commuting, and even working can all be great opportunities to zone into a podcast and get things done. Your mind will be engaged in the story and experience while you wash the dishes, audit spreadsheets, or navigate rush hour.

5. Revitalize Verbal Storytelling

The rest of these podcast benefits have been focused on you, but this one is for everyone. Oral tradition carried stories through generations of our ancestors before a single word was written. Writing (and everything after that) changed the art of storytelling. Of course, now we have plenty of ways to absorb stories, but verbal storytelling had almost vanished before podcasts become popular. 

Podcasts have played a massive role in getting people interested in hearing someone tell a story without any flashy graphics, CGI, or even seeing the person (most of the time). Most podcasts are based on someone telling a story, whether the intent is to make the listener laugh, think, or learn – stories are extremely common on podcasts. This has helped remind our entire civilization that we actually love hearing each other talk about our experiences. 

Keep Enjoying Podcasts and Keep Benefiting

There are near endless podcasts available with millions of episodes amongst them. Each episode has the potential to provide any of the above podcast benefits plus many others that we didn’t cover. Explore new podcasts, learn new lessons, and make your menial tasks more engaging.