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In This Episode:

  • Telling other people’s stories
  • Using live video to convey the human side of lawyers on a global scale
  • Taking that first step toward making anything happen
  • An early career story Mitch has never shared on social before that was a game-changing moment
  • Don’t overanalyze the situation
  • Mitch’s 3 action steps for moving forward with a project or planMitch’s 3 action steps for moving forward with a project or plan:
    1. Why do I want to do this; is it something I enjoy doing?
    2. If I make this decision, how’s it going to affect the family, my health, both physically and mentally?
    3. What resources do I have both personally and professionally, and who do I know that I can bring into the project to help all of us successfully move down the path?

Quotations From This Episode:

“Movement creates motivation and motivation results in taking action.” ~Mitch Jackson

“It took the movement of deciding what do we need to do next to make this happen,” ~Mitch Jackson

“Nothing would have happened on that file, had I not taken that initial step, that initial movement.” ~Mitch Jackson

“If you would have made a different choice, the outcome would have been different.” ~JennyQ

“I wasn’t afraid to allow myself to be seen, right, representing my clients.” ~Mitch Jackson

“I need to move towards learning how to do that, towards, you know, living outside my comfort zone.” ~Mitch Jackson

“For everyone out there, don’t be so hard on yourself.” ~Mitch Jackson

“After you take the first step, then you can see farther.” ~JennyQ

“It’s really important that people not overanalyze things.” ~Mitch Jackson

“It’s taking action that gives you more clarity.” ~JennyQ

“When things don’t work out, when there’s an unexpected result, it’s not a failure, it’s an unexpected result.” ~Mitch Jackson


Mitch Jackson is an award winning 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year and 2009 Orange County Trial Lawyer of the Year. He enjoys helping and adding value to consumers and clients who are doing the digital dance at the intersection of law, business and technology relating to the Metaverse and Web3.

In Mitch’s book, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media For Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs, he shares tips from 47 top experts from around the world (including one by JennyQ on livestreaming and video marketing) in 52 chapters, who show you how to amplify your brand, build new relationships, and sell more products and services.

Mitch is a consulting expert to the book, “Shame Nation,” written by Sue Scheff with the foreword by Monica Lewinsky and, a contributing author to the California Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) ‘s “Effective Introduction of Evidence in California- Chapter 54 Electronic and Social Media Evidence.”

Marketing guru, Jay Baer, recently referred to Mitch as, “the best in the world at lawyers using social media.” Other leading marketing and branding experts share their thoughts about how Mitch is disrupting the legal industry and creating positive change here  

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