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In This Episode:

  • The spiritual journey from the corporate world to entrepreneur
  • Reconnecting to yourself
  • Slowing down or stopping when the weight of things in your world start stacking up
  • Checking in daily with yourself: Mindset, Body, Spirit, Community
  • Overcoming the fear of being on stage
  • Kami’s ‘being seen’ story

Quotations From This Episode:

“Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual journey.” ~Kami Guildner

“It’s just taking one step at a time and making space every day.” ~Kami Guildner

“I do make space for my mindset every day in some way or another.” ~Kami Guildner

“I believe that we’re all one in this world.” ~Kami Guildner

“We all started different. And the journey is what matters.: ~JennyQ

“I think that the universe is really good at giving us tests and trials.” ~Kami Guildner

“We can stand in our story, and just be very real and authentic. ~Kami Guildner

“It’s at the highest in my values, and it’s connection.” ~Kami Guildner

“I told my entire story that one time and for the first time in my life, I felt seen.” ~JennyQ


Kami Guildner is a connector, a storyteller and a business coach for changemaker women of influence. She leads high-vibe entrepreneurs to give voice to their most important messages and create a ripple effect of worldly impact. She is the founder of the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference, Extraordinary Women Connect events, and Extraordinary Women Radio – a podcast featuring wildly successful women who are making an impact on the world. Kami was named to the 2020 Twenty-Five Most Powerful Women in Business List by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.



Twitter: .@kamiguildner

Extraordinary Women Connect Facebook Group

Kami’s Book: Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose