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Working with a business coach can profoundly change the trajectory of your business and career. Business coaching has become increasingly popular recently, but it’s still something of a secret to the greater business world. 

People who work with coaches can break out of plateaus, address limiting mindsets, and get a fresh perspective on persistent challenges. There are countless other benefits that come with working with a business coach, many of which you won’t expect until you’re working with one. 

Even though working with a coach can help so profoundly, many entrepreneurs are off-put by the idea of working with a coach. This apprehension is often due to the fact that working with a business coach means admitting that you don’t actually know everything. It can be hard.

Entrepreneurs who take the leap and work with a business coach will be poised to reach entirely new heights in their careers. points out that Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton have all stated that they’ve regularly worked with coaches to advance their careers.

It’s time to dive into why business coaching is helping so many entrepreneurs and explore what working with an experienced business coach can do for you.

What Do Business Coaches Have to Offer?

You might be interested, but what do you even get out of working with a coach? Business coaches have plenty of skills and experience that can help you in extremely valuable ways, such as:

  • Objective advice and feedback: It’s almost impossible to be objective about your business and career. You are so emotionally invested that you have biases you can’t even see. A business coach has no emotional investment, so they are able to provide guidance based on what’s actually happening, rather than what you think might be happening. 
  • Access to a wider network: Business coaches don’t usually instantly grant you access to everyone they know, but most will connect you with specific people to help address challenges. The longer you work with a coach, the more they’ll trust you with their network, and the more it can help grow your business.
  • Entirely new ideas: You might be the absolute expert in your field, but there’s likely plenty of ideas that could grow the business that simply hasn’t occurred to you. A business coach uses their knowledge and experience to come up with strategies that can significantly grow your business.

Working with a quality business coach will bring countless more benefits, most of which will apply to your specific situation and who you decide to work with. How do you make sure that you’ve found the right business coach?

Attributes of a Quality Business Coach

Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a business coach and start running paid ads on Facebook. How can you tell which business coaches are worth working with? Ideally, they’ll have all of the following attributes:

  • Experience: The ultimate attribute of a business coach is proven experience that makes them qualified to help with your business. They should be experienced enough to help you skip over plenty of the trial and error lessons that they’ve learned, saving both time and money. 
  • Focused: Business coaches are not cheap and they shouldn’t be wasting your time. A great business coach will understand the responsibility of working with you and take it seriously, providing focused guidance at all times. 
  • Empathic: Your business coach needs to be able to put themselves in your shoes and understand the challenge from your perspective. Doing so helps them more effectively provide guidance in a way that you’ll absorb. Avoid business coaches that simply bark orders at you – the right coach understands how to communicate with empathy to guide you well. 

It can take time to find the right business coach to work with. Look at their website, get a feel for their personality, and follow them on social media. If it feels right, fill out their business coaching contact form and see if you two can work together. You never know how profoundly business coaching can impact you until you try.