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Being Seen Podcast

Being Seen Podcast

Hosted by JennyQ

A Podcast About How to Make Your Vulnerability Your Superpower

Years ago JennyQ had a moment when she was in her therapist’s office and felt for the very first time that she had been seen. It led her down a path that totally transformed her life. She lost half of her body weight, became a CMO of a tech company, and wrote an international best-selling book.

She did that by releasing the trauma that had been controlling her all because of her BEING SEEN moment.

Now, JennyQ wants others to be seen in the same way because you CAN live your best life despite any trauma you’ve been through. In fact, it may actually be your superpower.

In this podcast, JennyQ isn’t just living the “Being Seen” story, she’s holding your hand in the search of your own “Being Seen” moment and transformation as a result.

As a communicator with real-life experience, JennyQ gives you the resources to get unstuck. On this podcast, she is joined by experts who share their stories, “Being Seen moments,” tips, tricks, and insights.

Additionally, JennyQ gets vulnerable like never before as she is joined by those who have helped her along her “Being Seen” journey.

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