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In This Episode:

  • The evolution of human-to-human #H2H
  • The 3 ingredients that bring together #H2H
  • Speaking the simplicity of business
  • Authenticity
  • Rooting for the underdog
  • Focusing on un-attachment instead of attachment
  • Letting things happen and flow
  • How an encounter with a stranger led to Bryan’s ‘being seen’ moment

Quotations From This Episode:

“Keep in mind that the more human we are, that actually still is our competitive advantage.” ~Bryan Kramer

“We’re investing more in technology versus humans rather than technology and humans working together.” ~Bryan Kramer

“Through automation, we can connect more, show up more, through things like technology and video.” ~Bryan Kramer

“At the root of it, although, is still the human need for connection.” ~JennyQ

“It’s a really hard thing to show up as our authentic selves every day and to be that in front of others.” ~Bryan Kramer

“I’ve always just felt like anyone who can maintain the underdog mentality will always win.” ~Bryan Kramer

“We need to focus on not the attachment of, but un-attachment of, because when we are unattached more, it’s a healthier place to be.” ~Bryan Kramer

“Often people don’t really know that they’ve even ever had a being seen moment.” ~JennyQ

“I would say that you have to see yourself first, before you can be seen by others.” ~Bryan Kramer


Bryan Kramer is the co-founder of H2H Companies and a renowned business performance coach, global keynote speaker, executive trainer, two-time bestselling author, TED speaker, Forbes contributor and former President/CEO of a Silicon Valley global marketing agency. In his business performance coaching, Bryan teaches speakers, executives, and entrepreneurs how to up-level their storytelling and create more business opportunities through the H2H Growth Method



Twitter: @bryankramer

LinkedIn: @bryanjkramer