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In This Episode:

  • What people are requesting the most this Christmas
  • When did he know he was Santa?
  • What does it look like from Santa’s perspective when he sees the children waiting to see him?
  • What does Santa do for self-care?
  • The importance of giving to others
  • What does Santa think being seen means?
  • JennyQ plays a quick round of Christmas favorites with Santa

Quotations From This Episode:

I knew that I was Santa early on and I just became Santa more and more.” ~Santa Claus

“It’s all about loading up the sleigh and harnessing up the team and crossing your fingers.” ~Santa Claus

“For me, music is so spiritual… I have a playlist for every type of way I want to feel.” ~JennyQ

“There’s nothing better I think than to give from yourself to others.” ~Santa Claus

“The best way to be seen is by seeing others.” ~JennyQ

“Being seen, I think, implies that everyone has a place in the world.” ~Santa Claus


Just B-E-L-I-E-V-E


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