Powerful and insightful keynotes on how technology is changing the way we tell our stories and connect with our customers on a human level.

Below is a list of presentations that Jennifer can provide as keynotes, conference sessions and keynotes.

JennyQ has a unique perspective for any business who wants to stand out from the crowd and humanize their brand. 

Jennifer has a solid knowledge of marketing strategy and implementation including traditional and digital marketing, livestreaming, live video, virtual reality, and 360.

There is nothing new about storytelling. It’s been around for ages. However, with a few key basics on how to tell your company’s story, you can reach your audience and future customers, inciting them to engage in a real human to human connection with you.

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Jennifer can show you how using masterful storytelling and the latest technology, you can create an unbeatable combination for compelling your brand forward.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to connect human to human regardless of race, religion, economic status, geographical location, or political affiliation with a simple touch of a button through a livestreaming app on a smartphone.

44% of the world's population has a smartphone allowing us to bypass media and governments to get to know our fellow global citizens on an intimate level. With live video, virtual reality, and augmented reality, we can connect human to human and make real connections with others regardless of where they live.

When we get to know people as individuals it removes the "us vs. them" mentality and allows for greater understanding and compassion, moving us towards seeking peaceful resolutions to conflicts.

Jennifer delivers a powerful message with real-life stories on how the world is changing, one livestream at a time.

JennyQ will take you from FEAR to FABULOUS with her livestreaming consultations, workshops and courses. You’ll learn which platform you should focus in on, the basics of livestreaming, and what you should talk about to engage viewers.
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