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On October 3rd, 2017

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Welcome! I wanted to share a bit of how my journey began in livestraming. This blog post is the introduction to my book "Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand: Start, Master, and Monetize Live Video"

When I started livestreaming in 2015 there was not a book guiding me through it – I learned everything through trial and error, but now I’m here to help you, step-by-step and help you avoid some of the common mistakes made by new livestreamers.

I’m also going to help you get over the worries that all newbies have and take you from FEAR to FABULOUS in no time!

How it all began:

Based on my informal straw poll of my international collection of Facebook friends, Boise, Idaho is known for a lot of things. Among them are the Boise River, the greenbelt along the river, tubing down the river, fishing, lakes, hunting, the blue football turf at Boise State University (which we affectionately call the Smurf Turf), snow, hiking trails, skiing, and of course, potatoes.

According to my “research”, one thing that Boise is not known for is technology. So, how did it happen, that I, a small business owner in Boise, Idaho, became involved with the new technology of livestreaming? And more importantly, what have I learned from it?

It all started in March, 2015. Someone suggested I try a new livestreaming app called Periscope. When she showed it to me I was underwhelmed. I wasn’t quite sure why I would want to watch a man in Los Angeles talk to his phone while hundreds of people tapped the screen to send him virtual hearts and make comments in hopes that he would read them aloud or give them a shout out. All I could think was, “Don’t these people have a life?”

I had owned a marketing business since 2007 and had an affinity with social media (especially Twitter!), I simply didn’t get how livestreaming would be a “thing,” nor did I see how anyone could use it for business! That’s laughable now!

Then, in July, 2015, another friend suggested that I would “just love” Periscope. I asked him why, and he opened his phone to show me. I wondered what people were finding so fascinating about livestreaming, so I gave it more of a serious look. I didn’t have time during my day to play around with it, so instead of watching television to unwind at night, I would open the Periscope app and watch people’s broadcasts or “scopes”.

And then it happened.

In the wee hours of the morning, I landed on Josh Greenbaum’s scope. He was broadcasting from New Jersey, and there was something about his genuine care for his viewers that captured my attention. There he was, a twenty-something guy, working full-time in a clothing store by day and was a Periscope personality by night. I watched him interact with his hundreds of viewers and saw how they were responding by their live comments. Josh was making a real connection with people on the other side of the screen. They were sharing intimate details with him, and they were being heard! I felt it at that moment, lives were being changed, one livestream at a time.

At that point, I was hooked. One might even say addicted! Every free moment I had, I logged on to the app to see what people were doing. I couldn’t get enough of all the different ways people were using the platform.

Only a few days in, I came across a millennial out of Connecticut named Vincenzo Landino. It turns out he was one of the top livestreamers and was heading up a national campaign for Applebee’s. The campaign started the following day and called for broadcasters from locations all over the country to scope from their local Applebee’s location to promote the new menu while promoting the free samples that were being given out that day.

The idea of being a part of something utilizing this new technology was too exciting so, even though Vincenzo had no idea who I was, I couldn’t help myself, I sent the comment into the Periscope stream:

“Do you have anyone in Boise, Idaho?”

Nothing. Vincenzo kept talking about the upcoming promotion.

“Do you have anyone from the Boise, Idaho Applebee’s scoping?” I commented again.

Vincenzo tried to ignore me, but I really wanted to learn all I could about livestreaming and be a part of this new way of marketing.

“Do you have anyone from Boise, Idaho to go live?” I asked a third time.

“JennyQ, no, we don’t. Send me a Twitter DM” he finally said.

I sent the Twitter DM (direct message) and Vincenzo replied. The rest is, as they say, history. It’s funny now to hear Vincenzo tell the story. He says, “I was wondering who this lady was from Boise, Idaho. She just wouldn’t stop!” Then he adds, “I didn’t expect to ever hear from her. I tell so many people to DM me, and they never follow through.”

Long story short, I got the information from Vincenzo, and while I made so many newbie mistakes but inspite of them I became totally hooked on live video. The Applebee’s campaign was a groundbreaking international event bringing live feeds from the United States, Scotland, and England. On the day of the event there were over 15,000+ live viewers and the entire campaign had a 39.5 MM in reach.

In August, 2015, I was introduced to another livetreaming platform called Blab. The format was different than periscope. I logged on to the Blab app from my laptop and could have up to four people on screen at one time. Unlimited viewers could watch and comment live.

My first time on Blab the thought came to me as an intuitive hit “I need to start interviewing people! I need to do a show where I interview people who demonstrate excellence in their fields.” I started the daily show within a week, but before I started my fist show, I had another intuitive hit, “Do the show, and personal growth will come. Do that, too.” At the time I thought, “Okay,” having no idea how this would profoundly affect my life.

Within 6 months I was voted “Queen of Blab” and a year later started “Facebook Live’s First Variety Show”. I’ve conducted over 350 live interviews including author Bob Burg of “The Go Giver”, author don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. of “The Five Levels of Attachment” and Judge Alex from “Judge Alex TV”. On every show, with every interview I am left feeling inspired and motivated to do better, be better, and do more.

Livestreaming attracts such a diverse group of people - in regular life we tend to stick with people who have similar interests, the same belief systems, and in the same socioeconomic status. But, with livestreaming, people from all walks of life hopped on the app and hit "Start Broadcast” I’ve heard that two types of people were attracted to the early days of livestreaming - narcissists & empaths. Ha! I don't know if that's true, but I do know that I have met some of the most amazing people in my life.

What I couldn’t have predicted is how the livestream journey would change me and my business! Since I started livestreaming I have been named by Klout as the #2 Livestreaming Expert worldwide! I am passionate about helping people get their message to the world. I have seen lives change as a result of something seen or connections made on a live video broadcast.

The really exciting part of this, is livestreaming is still in its pioneering phase. We have not hit critical mass with businesses and brands using it as a marketing tool, we’re still at the ground floor. The time is now and the opportunity is prime for you to jump on board!

When I started livestreaming, there was no book to guide me through it – I learned everything through trial and error. But now I’m here to help you, step-by-step and help you avoid some of the common mistakes made by new livestreamers.

I’m also going to help you get over the worries that all newbies have and take you from FEAR to FABULOUS in no time!

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